Teaching on safe behavior on the construction site in case of fire.

On July 13 and 18, very significant and very useful fire safety measures were taken.

At the construction site of the residential complex “Suzuk Ota” on the Samarkand Darvoz massif an object fire training was conducted on evacuating people and extinguishing a conditional fire.

Also, together with the employees of the fire safety department of Shayhontakhur district, training was conducted on the workers’ life safety rules. The fire extinguishing of conditional fires was demonstrated, the tactical and technical characteristics of fire-fighting vehicles and fire-fighting equipment increased the knowledge and skills in the field of fire safety of our workers.

At the end of the exercise, analyzing and analyzing the training conducted, the management of Mega Stroy Tashkent LLC awarded the distinguished employees with certificates of honor, and made decisions to improve personnel actions in emergency situations.