Shopping Entertainment Center “MEGA SILK-WAY”

This is a new chapter for the MEGA shopping and entertainment network. The SEC combines the best qualities of the MEGA network projects. English architects of the company Chapman Taylor have developed a basic concept for creating one of the best projects in their portfolio: a shopping and entertainment center in Astana. The company “MEGA CONSTRUCTION” carried out subcontracting, engineering and finishing works.

The total area of ​​the mall is 140 thousand m2, its length is 500 m, and its width is 160 m. The height of the atria is 25 m, which is comparable to an eight-story building. Nearly 1.5 million m3 of MEGA Silk Way’s internal space is filled with light and air, so that visitors always feel comfortable. The building of the mall consists of 3 levels: 2 above ground floors and 1 underground; entrances – 9, from them – 2 underground. Parking for 2,100 cars, including 400 underground parking spaces.