Our company Mega Construction is proud of its specialists.

The success of the company makes people. Therefore, the basis for the development of the company, its main wealth is the employees. Our company Mega Construction is proud of its specialists who have a set of professional knowledge and skills, which is reflected in their professional skills. We present you one of us – Majorov Vladislav Viktorovich. All his 22 years of work, he is in the construction industry. Moreover, during this time, he went from master to manager – this is a great experience in his profession.

His first profile education is the Moscow University of Civil Engineering. Then – Moscow State Industrial University; Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. He has extensive experience in civil engineering. He worked on the construction of the Leningrad nuclear power plant. Under his leadership, built a bridge across the river Protva. He also has experience in the large Finnish company YIT. He studied the program Business Development in Construction at the University of Helsinki Aalto.

In 2016, Vladislav Viktorovich was invited, as a specialist, to the company Megaline Construction in Astana. Projects with his participation were successful. Successful people differ from unsuccessful ones only in the number of efforts made, but applied with pleasure and the same failures as all sets of failures from which correct conclusions were made, as well as the ability to work on yourself, improving your personality traits, personality traits and professional level.